About Me

Nice to meet you (o^^o)A wandering "Serpent of the Skies" who slithered out from under a rock to explore the world above in search of her origins and seeking adventure. Currently enjoys learning to play video games and making new friendssss!Won't you become apart of my snake family?💕🐍

I stream a variety of content including horror games, RPG, puzzles, visual novels, art & more.A beginner artist working on getting model of my redesign so I can "shed my skin" and grow (≧◡≦)

“No longer will I stay hidden underneath the earth… it’s time to confront my fears and journey above to experience the world around me. As I continue to search for my purpose in life, discover my true origins, and make new friends along the way to share worthwhile memories with.”

art by @candypiggy on twitter